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Introducing our new mobile app.

Collecting data from a cell phone or tablet has never been easier. Need live data? Our apps have the ability to send it straight to the cloud. You will now be up to date with your cost accounting and more.

What's inside?


With a touch of a button you'll have all your crews, jobs, varieties, and paytypes 

Logging in employees is now a breeze. Our software can handle NFC cards, barcodes, employee IDs, or you can simply log in an entire crew with just a touch.



Our app can now credit workers and products with a quick badge swipe. You can choose to simply key in a quantity or even create custom count screens containing a variety of SKUs. Do you need to distribute to a whole group?  Or would you rather give counts equally? Maybe your counts need to be prorated by time? The possibilities are endless.


Need reports right on the phone?

Say no more!


Tracking individual workers

Now there's finally an easy way to track your employees individually. We have given you the ability to control numerous options on our live web app. You can define which device an employee is linked to, how long break periods are, and even set custom reminders. Do you have workers that consistently forget to log out? Do some of them try to log back in from breaks too early? We can help!



Need to know where your employees are logging in or where they take their lunches? Want to track movement throughout the day? Our app has an easy-to-use map tool that displays their current location, complete with badge number and current status

Online Reporting

Our customized web-based reports can be tailored to fit your individual needs and are easy to access wherever you are.

We pride ourselves on not being a "one size fits all" kind of software company. Each system is crafted to fit your company's needs, so please don't hesitate to give us a call and our team of skilled technicians can work with you to create the best system for your business.





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