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when it has to count!

Mobile Labor Tracking Solutions

We think we can help your business grow. Cultivate efficiency with ADS!

Agricultural Data Systems provides farm labor tracking software designed to optimize workforce efficiency in the field and beyond. Collect real-time data on production, time and attendance, and labor efficiency. Keep track of your inventory and productivity in the palm of your hand. Manage traceability with ease. Onboard new employees right in the field. Whatever you need in terms of farm labor management, we can find a solution for you. Our systems are extremely flexible and we pride ourselves in being able to tailor a data collection system just for you, optimized for the crops your business produces and how your company operates.

A Cipherlab RS35, with the Agricultural Data Systems mobile app on the screen, surrounded by berries with farm fields in the background.

Results can easily be exported to payroll, cost accounting software, and dozens of easily accessible reports. Labor and data collection for the farming industry is now simpler and more efficient than ever.


We are here to help you with your farm's cost efficiency, traceability, and inventory management. Let's minimize loss, save money, and optimize your productivity together. We're a part of your crew, and we would love to help you grow your workforce. Give us a call or quick email to see if we have a software solution for you.

barcode scan rs35 ADS farms 2_edited.jpg

in the field...

  • Field data collection​

  • Hourly and piece rate tracking​

  • Time and attendance​

  • Mobile employee onboarding​

  • Tracking by weight or by the container​

  • Mobile receipt and temporary badge printing

...and anywhere else!

  • Cloud-based reports & GPS​

  • Real-time reporting​

  • Payroll software integration​

  • Product traceability & PTI​

  • Inventory tracking & reporting​

  • Packing house reports

live reports at computer green scheme.jpg
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Why ads?

  • Rugged and reliable devices​

  • Reduced payroll costs​

  • Increased labor efficiency​

  • Easily accessible reports​

  • Customized systems​

  • Responsive support team​

  • 30+ years of experience​

  • Support and software in English and Spanish


Featured Products​

We are proud to introduce our improved mobile app, which is available both on Apple & Android devices.

Collecting field data from a  phone or tablet has never been easier. Give us a call if this sounds like the solution for you.

  • Live Data

  • Online Reporting

  • GPS Tracking

  • Controllable from the web

  • Customizable

A Cipherlab RS35 mobile phone with the Datatrack app by Agricultural Data Systems

Our app is now available for download on the App Store® and for Android.

Android APK download badge
The App Store download badge

Our tablet system is another way to help assist you with mobile in-field hiring.


Now you can easily collect employee information directly in the field and export i9, w4, and custom new hire packets.

tablet in field.png
  • Adds employees to payroll

  • Saves I-9 and W-4 forms

  • Integrates with our Datatrack software

  • Imports to most accounting packages

  • Captures employee photos & signatures

software integration

Our software can easily import your data to most accounting software systems.


Agricultural Data Systems, Inc. Offers high quality products, personalized customer service, along with over 40 years of technical expertise.

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