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Datatrack logo. Bright green and dark green with a strawberry location pin and a wifi symbol
The heart of our field data collection software family.
Agricultural workers packing flats of strawberries into a truck in a farm field.

what does it do?

  • Fast and accurate labor data collection

  • Quick and easy employee login

  • Tracks hourly & piece rate activity​​

  • Records time & attendance

  • Creates custom pay calculations​

  • Interfaces directly to payroll​​

  • Integrated product traceability​​

  • Inventory tracking

how can it help?

  • Reduces payroll costs

  • It's cost-effective​

  • Provides accurate job costing information​

  • Hardware is rugged and reliable

  • Operates online and offline

  • Customized and flexible reports available on the web

  • Helps you monitor your team's performance

A Cipherlab RS35 mobile phone with the Datatrack app scanning a worker's ID badge with the company name and a QR code

Datatrack can help your business!

DataTrack serves a diverse range of clients: from large enterprises made up of thousands of employees to small businesses with fewer than ten. Our robust hardware and user-friendly interface make it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. We take a customized approach, tailoring each system to meet the unique needs of your organization. If you're looking to streamline your data management, we'd love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or message to explore how we can help.

A photo of devices used with Datatrack software. The devices shown are touchprobes, mini probes, a probe downloader, and taskboards with buttons and barcodes.

Sophisticated data collection is no longer a luxury on the farm—it's a necessity. That's where Datatrack comes in. From family farmers to major corporate enterprises, Datatrack is the ultimate solution for all your labor tracking needs.​

A woman working at a desktop computer viewing live real-time labor reports at the farm office.

Seamlessly exportable to your preferred payroll and cost accounting software packages, Datatrack also offers a wide range of built-in time and production reports, making data management easier than ever before.

A stack of strawberry flats with picking tickets being scanned by a mobile phone with the Datatrack app.

Our system is empowering countless businesses and hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide by streamlining the collection of real-time data on piece rate production, time and attendance, and labor efficiency. Our web-based platform makes it possible to access your data wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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