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Sophisticated data collection is becoming commonplace on the farm thanks to DataTrackTM. Whether you are a family farmer or a major corporate enterprise, DataTrack is the answer to your production tracking dilemmas.​

DataTrack is helping hundreds of businesses and hundreds of thousands of workers to accurately and easily collect real-time data on Production, Time and Attendance, and Labor Efficiency. Our users then export the results to their Payroll and Cost Accounting software packages, while enjoying dozens of built-in time and production reports.​

DataTrack is used by organizations with as few as two-dozen Employees, and as many as several thousand workers. The simple operation and durability of our hardware makes it a perfect fit for any size business.

DataTrack can help your business!
  • Track hourly & piece rate activity​

  • Time & Attendance​

  • Interfaces to payroll​

  • Integrated product traceability​

  • Inventory Tracking


  •     Cost effective

  •     Rugged & Reliable

  •     ​Reduces Payroll Costs

  •     Provides accurate job costing information


DataTrack increases crop harvest efficiency by providing instant information that growers can use to expedite work flow. Data collected in Touch Probes can be transferred in the field into a laptop computer for analysis or in the office at any time. With immediate information on how much each field is producing, growers can determine whether to add or move workers. This is only one of the ways DataTrack can improve the economics of getting produce picked, completing payroll quickly, and accounting for many tasks.

Electronic processing and data storage replaces paper to improve the efficiency and accuracy of crop harvesting. DataTrack relieves the farmer of the paperwork burden associated with recording Time, attendance and production. Near-instantaneous transfer of collected data from the field into Payroll and Accounting software eliminates hours of tedious data entry each day, freeing the farmer to apply him or herself to utilize the information that is now available.

DataTrack makes counting in the field as fast as a touch. The system eliminates pre-printed cards and the need to employ an end-of-day cardcounter. The system reduces office staff and minimizes errors in the field. The memory buttons can be used and reused year after year. Time and expense to produce a clear, easy-to-read daily report is reduced to seconds. No more manual data entry into accounting packages; the payroll process is reduced to minutes! Past production data is now at your finger tips; searching through boxes of dirty cards is eliminated.




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