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The TouchProbe's rugged durability and real-time internal clock make it ideal for applications in agriculture, transportation, security, manufacturing, and maintenance tracking.



The TouchProbe is available with 128K of internal memory, which allows you to store over 5,000 button reads before downloading the data to the computer. The TouchProbe automatically date- and time-stamps each button read and stores a complete record of all button transactions for later transfer to your computer.​



With the TouchProbe, you'll never need to worry about running out of power. The TouchProbe's 9-volt alkaline battery requires no recharging and provides up to 150,000 uninterrupted button reads. The lithium back-up battery retains the stored data when replacing the 9-volt battery. Extend your TouchProbe's battery life up to double by replacing the 9-volt alkaline battery with a 9-volt lithium battery.

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